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About Us

Honeyhill Farms Nursery is a small nursery that has developed over the years in the 2+ acre back yard of our home in the Raleigh Hills area of Portland, Oregon. It started as a hobby and has gradually gotten out of hand. We began to grow hellebores 40 years ago when a Native American medicine woman gave us one in trade for some goutweed. As we experienced their diversity and beauty they have come to dominate our lives as gardeners. In fact, we are mostly occupied with developing new hybrids within and among species, genetic crosses that express new flower forms or colors or that have particularly attractive leaves. In the course of this we produce many beautiful plants and, because of the limitations of space, energy and time, we must sell most of them in order to maintain our major passion, which is the development of new hellebores.

Honeyhill Farms Nursery is our home, so we are open to the public only by appointment and only while the plants are in bloom, usually in February and March, sometimes in January if the plants come into bloom earlier than usual. We enjoy giving group tours of the garden.

We enjoy showing these plants to people at all stages of their development as gardeners, so please feel free to ask questions on our internet address and during your visit to the nursery; we often learn more than we teach and we always enjoy sharing our deep affection for this wonderful genus of plants. We truly look forward to seeing you; schedule a visit by email or telephone 503.292.1817.

Jim and Audrey Metcalfe and Katie


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Last Updated: January 12, 2008